We offer services that benefit your construction projects and help you with planned preventive maintenance solutions

01. Starting up

We would like to meet you and discuss your needs and requirements and then we will visit your project or the asset that requires maintenance so we can assess the situation. After that we will be able to submit our detail proposal together with our quotation based on your needs, we our hoping to establish long term relationships with all our clients so we can flourish together. 

02. Inspection

Our expert staff will visit the construction site or the structure that requires inspection and collect real time information by using our drone equipment together with either a video or thermal camera. We will spend as much as needed in order to make sure every aspect of the building or the project is inspecting and all vital information are collected.

03. Report

We will submit our detail investigation report together with a three dimensional photogrammetry model that will have all the findings and you will keep for future reference. Our engineers will be able to offer their advise and opinion for any defects that might require repair and any risks that will be identified. In case of construction progress reports this process will be repeated in order to keep you always informed of your project.